Steel Profile Curtain Wall System

- Jul 03, 2017-

System visual effect

System visual surface width is 50 mm

Composite system characteristics

Panel thickness is 8-60 mm

The drawing force of the screws against negative wind pressure is approximately 3200 N (applied to Germany)

• standard aluminum glass bracket bearing up to 450 kg

Special glass carrier bearing up to 1200 kg

System comprehensive performance

Thermal insulation performance: according to EN 10077-2 standard, Uf, =1.1-2.2, W/ (m2.K)

Water tightness: according to EN 12155 standard, R7

• tightness: according to EN 12153 standard, AE 750

• wind resistance performance: according to EN 12179 standard is 3000 pa

Dynamic rain penetration: according to EN 13050 standard, Pmax is 1125 pa

Impact resistance: according to EN 14019 standard, I5/E5

(according to the European standard, thermfix light test value, according to different steel, different system settings, system performance parameters will change)